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SFU Experiences

SFU Experiences

There are many ways to extend your learning while at SFU. Students share reflections on their experiences along with tips & strategies.

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Featured Experiences

Study abroad was an eye-opening experience that allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and immerse myself in the culture and learning.
I met students from all over the world congregated in one place. Everyone was friendly and approachable; I could start chatting with strangers in the dining hall.
Studying abroad became one of my top goals when I decided to pursue postsecondary education. Studying abroad allowed me to immerse myself in a new culture and create new memories with friends I met from around the world.
While Lausanne provided the ideal comprehensive learning environment, the surrounding swiss cities allowed me to appreciate the natural beauty of this small but scenic country.
My experience at Monash University enhanced my intercultural competencies, engaged me in a deeper knowledge of global affairs and ignited a passion for aiding in global Indigenous relations.
Going on exchange broadened by mindset and boosted my confidence.

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SFU offers many Experiential Learning Opportunities for students. A core element of these opportunities is the try something new, extend your learning and take some risks. The Experience tool provides a Q & A format and structure for students to reflect and share their entire story from preparation, to training, during the experience and what happens next. With Experiences, you will surely get the whole story, leaving you with a deeper insight on prospective work, volunteer, and academic opportunities! Are you ready to Experience something new?

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