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Experience Submissions

SFU offers numerous experiential learning opportunities for students. Reflection is part of the learning processes and aid in transferring skills and knowledge. You only need read a few of the SFU Experiences to see the deep meaningful learning experiences students participate in. The experience Q + A format is designed to encourage reflection and knowledge sharing with the goal to connect, educate and inspire the SFU Community.   


Experience Pilots

We are rolling out the Experiences tool starting with pilots with SFU Co-operative Education and Study Abroad. If you would like to join the student testing team or join a pilot as a program connect with the Community Coordinator Quentin Beck


Written Content

  • Experiences are separated into sections for type of experience and divided into Before, During and After. Follow the section prompts and complete those relevant to your experience. Share information that would be helpful for students considering participating in the program

  • Reflect and share details on why the experience was meaningful for you

  • Writing should be focused, informative, with a good balance of casual and professional. Ensure you represent yourself and your programs professionally

  • Create complete and concise paragraphs. Numbered or bulleted lists can concisely organize content

  • If your experience is international, open the accordian to complete the additional sections

  • Proofread your posting

  • Use accessible writing and language that a non-expert in the field can understand or someone who may not speak English as their first language 


Image, Links, and Citations

Lead Image, Slider or Video - the choice is yours!

  • Decide if your Lead item will be a single image, image slider or video

  • Image - As this is your experience, add an image of yourself in action (a close up profile, landscape format 900x500 px). Images should be high resolution and either taken by you, or properly credited with permission gained for anyone else included in the image

  • Slider - you may add as many images as you would like, but each image must be smaller than 5 MB. If your image(s) exceed the limit, please compress them. Put your lead image first & add captions as instructed to provide context

  • Video - Add the link to your video published on YouTube or send it to our editors to be published on the OLC YouTube Channel

  • Additional Media - Additional media can be added to the body of your story using the Add Media links

  • Embed hyperlinks to relevant articles, websites, employers, programs, research studies, statistics, etc.

  • When including a statistic or a research study, cite sources using the SFU Library Citation & Style Guides


Image, Links, and Citations

  • This can be one of the more challenging parts of writing a post. You want your title to be distinctive and representative of your experience. Here are some tips:

    • Emphasize your Learning (“Discovering How to Code my Way to Success”)

    • Define a Challenge (“Navigating my Way Through”)

    • Start with a question (“How I Pulled off my First Presentation”)

    • Consider using humour ("How I Survived Working with Hairy Rats for the Summer")
    • Use colons to share 2 separate thoughts: (“Taking A Chance: How I Became More Confident”)

  • Choose a title that is relevant to your audience or might make them curious or intrigued. For example...

Instead of this: Try this:
“My Co-op Experience in Government”  “Discovering the Fun Side of Working in Government” 


Submission Steps

  • SFU community members can add their experiences when logged into the OLC with an SFU CAS account

  • Follow the tips on the submission form so your experience will stream to the appropriate programs, faculty, topics, etc.

  • You may add a new experience for each SFU progam that you participate in

  • You are welcome to edit or remove experiences you have published at any time

  • If you need help publishing a story connect with our OLC Editorial Team at

  • Save your experience in draft format while in progress, when ready for review select to 'Submit'
  • On submission your experience will be reviewed by the OLC team and your program

If you’re from SFU, log in to add your experience.

Add an Experience


Experiences are intended to share an SFU experience and to connect, educate and inspire the SFU Community. All published items are reviewed and may be edited or removed at the editors' discretion.