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SFU Story
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SFU Story Submissions

With such an incredible and diverse community at SFU, there are so many great stories to share. Why not tell yours? SFU Stories help you to share an SFU learning experience and to connect, educate and inspire the SFU Community. Similar to Instagram, they are visually based with one or muliple images along with a short story.

Everyone’s got a story—what’s yours?

Story Initiatives

There are several university-wide initiatives collecting student stories such a Volunteers of SFU. Connect with the program to add your story or with Quentin Beck, the OLC Community Coordinator, to add your initiative.


Written Content

  • Aim for a short format, Instagram style post of 200 - 600 words

  • Reflect and share details on why the experience was meaningful for you

  • Ensure you represent yourself and your programs professionally

  • Create an informative and powerful opening sentence that will compel a reader to continue to read your story

  • Explain the story behind the pictures that you are submitting

  • We recommend writing directly in the text editor.

  • If you are copying and pasting your text from Word, paste as plain text (CTRL + Shift + V) to remove formatting and then style the content using the following format options:

    • Headings (Normal > Heading 3)

    • Body text (Styles > Paragraph)

  • Reminder: Read through the Development section for more on proofreading your story for grammatical and spelling errors

  • Use accessible writing and language that a non-expert in the field can understand or someone who may not speak English as their first language


Image, Links, and Social Sharing

  • Decide if your Lead item will be a single image or an image slider

  • Image: As this is your story, add a landscape image of yourself that is either a close-up profile or of you in action. Images should be taken by yourself, or properly credited with permission gained for anyone else included in the image.

  • Recommended image dimensions: 900 x 600 pixels. Make sure your image is in a high enough resolution and less than 500 MB. If your image exceeds the limit, please compress them in a photo editing tool or an online tool such as

  • Slider: You may add as many images as you would like, but each image must be smaller than 5 MB. If your image(s) exceeds the limit, please compress them. Put your lead image first and add captions as instructed to provide context.

  • Additional media can be added to the body of your story using the Add Media links

  • Embed hyperlinks to relevant articles, websites, employers, programs, research studies, statistics, etc.

  • Stories are featured on SFU's social media accounts. Add your Instagram handle and profile URL so you can be tagged in the posting


Submission Steps

  • You can directly submit your SFU Story when you are logged into the OLC and have finished your registration.
  • Follow the helper text in the submission form so your story will stream to the appropriate dedicated sections for programs, faculty, topics, etc.
  • You are welcome to edit or remove stories you have published at any time
  • If you need help publishing a story connect with our OLC Editorial Team at
Add SFU Story

Stories are intended to share an SFU experience and to connect, educate and inspire the SFU Community. All published items are reviewed and may be edited or removed at the editors' discretion.