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SFU Student

"Whenever I enroll for a new semester, I never know what to expect. No two courses have ever been alike, and that’s a good thing. Whether I'm learning the material by way of memorizing a textbook, or arguing with a classmate, I'm satiating a curiosity that’s reawakened by every course at SFU. By far the biggest personal I've learned at SFU is to put yourself out there. It's nothing genius, nothing crazy, but it opens doors you never could have dreamed of. Even just deciding to put up your hand in class. Going to SFU gave me the confidence to do that.” ⁣

Niko Kulka is a second-year intended psychology major involved as a member of the SFU Jazz Band. He is intending to begin his first Co-op work term in Spring 2020.⁣

This post was originally posted on the SFU Psychology Instagram on November 28, 2019.