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SFU Student
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“I majored in Psychology because I was interested in examining the influence that culture has on behaviour, especially with how socio-cultural environments shape perception and the transference of knowledge.⁣

I recently received the Rosemary Brown Undergraduate Scholarship in Social Justice for my work examining the multifaceted avenues of structural violence against black women and other women of colour within the maternal health care system. My podcast series aims to recognize the failings of support for individuals who live in the intersections between disability, race, class and gender. The name of my podcast is called “Black Mamas Matter” and can be found on my website, B(l)ack Space.” ⁣

Alicia Fahrner is a fourth-year student who is completing a double major in Psychology and Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies. She is currently in her second semester as a research assistant in Dr. Michelle Kline’s CuBED Lab, where she researches cross-cultural influences on parenting knowledge. In addition, Alicia is the chair of the SFU Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Student Union

This post was originally posted on the SFU Psychology Instagram on October 16, 2019.