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Interview Question Database

Interview Question Database

Because Interviews can be tough, we’ve got hundreds of questions and tips to help you prepare.

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Do you have an interview coming up? Are you feeling unprepared, and nervous?

Welcome to the Interview Question Database: a database with hundreds of Interview Questions and expected answers curated to your job sector, faculty and interview type. Oh, and fear not, we also have those commonly asked questions, not-so-commonly asked questions and ones that will make you stop and think. Alleviate your nerves with the Interview Question Database - we’ve got your back!

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Prepare for your interview by completing a practice interview online using Interview Stream.  


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Faculty Specific Q's


Faculty Specific Q's

The Skills

Think about the skills employers are looking for and try to think of answers and examples which demonstrate that particular skill. 

Accounting and Consulting Employer 

Body Language

Employers can pick up a great deal of information based simply on appearance. Body language and posture convey a message of its own, despite the intentions of the applicant. 

HR Representative 



Structure Your Evidence

Structure your evidence using the STAR technique (Situation, Task, Action, Result). The 'Action' section of your answer is the most important part. Finish with a positive result, and make it measurable where possible. 

The Co-Operative Group


Do Your Research

We are looking for someone who demonstrates knowledge of the industry, listing multiple competitors and discussing how we compete with them. We're also interested in hearing what candidates think differentiates us from our competitors. 

Management Consulting Company