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Sit back, relax, and learn while listening to these podcasts created by members of the SFU community. They are an accessible way to learn on the go about culture, diversity, making an impact, mental health and more. We hope these podcasts will bring you some insight, newfound knowledge or possibly an opportunity to create change.

Studio Bytes 7
Podcast Episode 7
The Job Search after the Pandemic

In this episode of Studio Bytes, we talk to Matthew Fong about his time at SIAT and what we all can learn from the pandemic.

Studio Bytes Episode 6
Podcast Episode 6
Starting Your Own Business After Graduation

In this episode, we talk about SFU Alumni Diana Luong about starting your own business and freelancing after university.

two people in an interview
Podcast Episode 5
Interviews From the Student Perspective

Applying to jobs and being prepared and confident for interviews is something that becomes very apparent in life as you get older. In the fifth episode of On The Spot, Mehtaab and Terae talk about the importance of preparing for interviews and how to get the job.

Studio Bytes Episode 4 Logo
Podcast Episode 4
How to Start Your Career in Design

Meet SFU Alumni Cassey Peng, a recent grad who shares tips on university life, dating, and how she found her niche as a Product Designer.

Studio Bytes Episode 3 Logo
Podcast Episode 3
Working as an Animator

Meet Ioana Sandor, an SFU Alumni who shares her experiences at SFU and beyond.

Studio Bytes 5
Podcast Episode 5
Working in UI and UX After Graduation

On this episode of Studio Bytes, Aleeze Asif talks to us about working as a UI/UX designer and where it all started at SFU.

Studio Bytes Episode 2 Logo
Podcast Episode 2
What is Service Design?

Meet SFU Alumni Marie Cheung who shares her experience at SFU, her life post SFU and her time in Europe.

GlobalCast Banner Image: Episode 5
Podcast Episode 5
Zoom to Campus: Transitioning Back to Campus

Students from the SFU Global Community share their thoughts, challenges and experiences on returning to camps.

Assorted birth control on a blue table.
Podcast Episode 7
Let's Talk with YouthCO about HIV/AIDS Stigma

The Thriving with the Health Peers team speak with Furqan from YouthCo about how we can reduce HIV/AIDS stigma as community members in our day-to-day lives.

A row of people looking at each other's tech devices
Podcast Episode 4
The Effects of Technology

In this episode, Mehtaab and Terae discuss the topic of technology and how it's changed and evolved over the years.

A woman sitting in a chair looking out the window.
Podcast Episode 6
Let's TACO about Disordered Eating

In this episode of the Health Peer’s Podcast series: Let’s TACO about Nutrition, we will be talking about disordered eating, including its prevalence, the eating-weight concern continuum, how to spot the signs of disordered eating, the risk factors for disordered eating, and how to support someone experiencing disordered eating.

A woman holding her hands over his chest.
Podcast Episode 5
Let's TACO about Body Acceptance

In today’s episode, we will be talking about Body Acceptance. We will be diving into conversations around the juxtaposition between body positivity vs. body acceptance, influence of social media, and practice of intuitive eating.

Studio Bytes Episode 1
Podcast Episode 1
Getting Hired as a Product Designer at LinkedIn

Our first guest in the studio is Brandon Lal, a 2020 SIAT graduate who talks about what it’s like to work as a Product Designer at LinkedIn and how his academic journey led him to where he is.

Over the shoulder shot of a woman sitting down, trying her shoe.
Podcast Episode 4
Let's Get Movin' about Active Living and Mental Health

In this episode, Aleisha, Kaylla, Sonia, Mariel, Anna, and Jaskaren are chatting about how COVID-19 impacted their physical health, how exercise affects sleep, stress, energy levels/mood, and mental health, and how you can incorporate exercise into exam season prep.

A bowl of salad with mushrooms and flowers on the side.
Podcast Episode 3
Let's TACO about Healthy Eating Habits during Finals Seasons

In this podcast, your Health Peers, Adrianna, Aleisha, Tamara, and Jessica are discussing some tips and mindfulness habits to help with stress eating, boredom snacking, consuming lots of caffeinated beverages and skipping meals. 

Mehtaab in front of microphone
Podcast Episode 3
Discovering and Developing Your Interests

In this episode, Mehtaab and Terae will be discussing why they believe it is important to be creative and how practicing your interests/ hobbies can help you live a more fulfilled life.

A bowl full of sugar
Podcast Episode 2
Let's TACO about Processed Sugars

In this podcast, your Health Peers, Adrianna, Aleisha, Meghan, and Tamara, are discussing how to spot processed sugar and food alternatives you can select. 

Close up of Microphone
Podcast Episode 2
Transitioning Back to Campus

Whether you are a brand new student or returning for another term of learning, On the Spot cohosts Terae and Mehtaab aim to initiate the conversation about coming back to university after the quarantine and how you can better manage the transition. 

Students sitting around a fire
Podcast Episode 1
Creating Community at SFU

Are you someone starting your journey at SFU or in the midst of a degree but still looking to meet people and make new friends? Join On the Spot co-hosts Terae and Mehtaab as they discuss why being active on campus is essential to creating your own SFU community!

A table full of food, with a roast, bread, and dessert.
Podcast Episode 1
Let's TACO About Navigating Food Around the Holidays

Tune in as the Health Peers talk about navigating food around the holidays! In this podcast, your Health Peers, Adrianna, Aleisha, Meghan, and Tamara, are discussing various food topics such as choosing more vegetables, portion sizing, and mindfulness eating tips.

Globalcast Episode 4: Mind Your Health
Podcast Episode 4
Mind Your Health with the Health Peers

SFU Health Peers discuss mental health, mindfullness, wellbeing and SFU resources.

Globalcast Episode 3: How I Met My Mentor-Mentee Pair
Podcast Episode 3
How I Met My Mentor-Mentee Pair

Meet some of the participants of the Global Connections Program.

Globalcast Episode 2: How do you get involved banner
Podcast Episode 2
How Do You "Get Involved"?

In the second episode, 3 student coordinators share how you can become involved in Global Community Programs at SFU.

A photo of Trisha and Bulroop
Podcast Episode 6
Racing Readers: Making an Impact

“It’s a tangible way to actually see the impact that you make. I think it’s one thing to read reports and look at quantitative data about the impact that you can make in a community, it’s quite another to see the look of inspiration and gratitude in a child’s eyes.”

A photo of Hisham and Kimmy
Podcast Episode 5
Racing Readers: Creating Connection

“A lot of the students were Indo-Canadian, and a lot of the volunteers were as well. I think that it was really cool for the students to see people that looked like them in these mentorship roles that weren’t their teachers or their parents. I think it provided those kids with a positive role model.”

A photo of the Connecting Circle team
Podcast Episode 3
Getting your Idea off the Ground

“The project also may not work out, and that's okay. It is a learning experience in and of itself. So, never be so afraid of failing that you won't put something out unless its perfect. And if it does fail, remember it's just another stepping stone.”

A photo of Akanksha Thakur
Podcast Episode 1
Intercultural Communication

“He says to me in Hindi 'I hope one day I will have the opportunity to go to school, or at least send my little brother to school, just like you'. Then the signal turned green and - you know - we drove away. But that sat with me - I was so young but it was the first time I was really faced with my privilege.”

A picture of Aslam sitting in front of a window.
Podcast Episode 2
Building Community

“So to me, meaningful engagement means the transfer of power. Power can be the power to make decisions, power can be the power to distribute resources, the power to envision a future. If power is not transferred, engagement is not meaningful.”

A photo of Heather Prost in the recording studio
Podcast Episode 4
Making Space

“After I heard the first survivor share her poem, I went up to her and said 'I believe you'. I said it again and then asked the audience to say it back. I think that's a really powerful statement especially in the setting we created. So often survivors are not sharing their stories and it is often because they have a fear of not being believed.”

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