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GlobalCast Banner Image: Episode 5
Students from the SFU Global Community share their thoughts, challenges and experiences on returning to camps.

Episode Description

In the fifth episode, we are joined by fellow students from the SFU Global Community as they talk about their international student experience travelling to Vancouver, navigating through quarantine, and what they're looking forward to most returning to campus in the Fall 2021.

You can listen to this podcast or watch on YouTube.

YouTube Timestamps:

00:00-00:48 Introduction

00:49-02:20 Travelling to Canada experience

02:21-05:00 Planning to travel to Canada

05:01-06:30 Quarantine experience and self-care tips

06:31-12:05 Returning to campus

12:06-14:54 Supports at SFU

14:55-16:40 Helpful resources at SFU

Originally published on September 7, 2021 on the SFU GlobalCast website.

Participants and Contributors

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