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Student Clubs

student clubs

Student Clubs are part of what make SFU the rich and diverse community that it is. The following authors describe experiences engaging with student clubs, and share why you should consider joining a student club or association. You will see how clubs are an excellent way for students to network, develop skills, and channel their energy into creative, academic, professional, and cause-focused communities.

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Welcome Back to Campus! Let Us Help You Rebuild Your Social Life

Now that SFU is reopening, many of you may be excited to kickstart your social life again! We want you to feel confident about how to get involved, make friends and feel fulfilled - in clubs, peer leadership, volunteer, jobs or work.

A picture of Olivia Chan
How My Student Club Involvement Scored Me My First Co-op- Recruiter Perspective

Joining a student club is an excellent way to develop transferable skills! Olivia shares how her campus involvement not only helped with skill development and securing a co-op position, it eased the transition and helped differentiate Olivia from her peers. In her own words: "If you want to be one step closer to finding your dream co-op, I suggest starting with community involvement!"

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