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Globalcast Episode 2: How do you get involved banner
In the second episode, 3 student coordinators share how you can become involved in Global Community Programs at SFU.

Episode Description

Our second episode is a continuation of our conversations with the peer program coordinators from International Services for Students. We talk all about how one can get involved on campus with Emeralde from the Global Community Peer Education Program, and Yse and Colin from the Global Connections Program.


Youtube Timestamps:

0:00-0:49 Introduction to Ep. 2

0:50-1:35 The differences between Peer Mentorship, Peer Education, and Peer Coaching

1:36-2:34 What is "Peer Education"?

2:35-4:29 What is "Peer Mentorship"?

4:30-8:05 What is "Peer Coaching"?

8:06-10:09 Events + Programming: Global Connections Program

10:10-12:56 Events + Programming: Global Community Peer Education Program

12:57-13:13 TL;DR Speed Q&A

13:14-13:47 "Which program are you a Peer Mentor vs. Peer Educator?"

13:48-17:35 "What are the commitments to volunteer?"

17:36-18:20 Ending

Originally published on June 11, 2021 on the SFU GlobalCast website.

Participants and Contributors
Audrey Shiu

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