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GlobalCast Banner Image: Episode 7
Three career peers share their volunteer experiences.

Episode Description

In our seventh episode, we are joined by three lovely Career Peers from SFUs Career and Volunteer Services at SFU. Join us as we reflect our volunteering journeys, how we started and explore what motivates us to keep going!

You can listen to this podcast or watch on YouTube.


YouTube Timestamps:

00:00-03:05 Introduction & Meet the Guests

03:06-05:44 Tips for Maximizing Experience at SFU

05:45-08:46 Finding an active role within SFU Community

08:47-11:04 Resources for Finding Your Role or Career at SFU

11:05-15:50 Career Resources for Second and Third Year Students

15:51-22:04 Advice for Students who have Switched Career Paths

22:05-25:29 Dealing with the "University Rollercoaster"

25:30-29:05 Closing Remarks & Wrap up

Originally published on December 24, 2021 on the SFU GlobalCast website.

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