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I came to SFU in the fall of 2004, and it was nine years later in my undergrad that I finally decided to get involved. I was recovering from a very low, bleak time where I was doing poorly in school. I hoped that getting to know people would help me feel more connected and give me some sort of purpose.

I started by volunteering in a small role as a Fairs Ambassador at SFU Fairs Week, and the feeling of volunteering became addictive. That’s when I got involved with Volunteers of SFU. It was just me and a few other people working together to get the ball rolling on this project. Our goal was to get people excited about the idea of doing things out of class – which is challenging when we’re up on a mountain with so many commuter students.

The awareness is starting to come now, and we’re starting to work with other faculties and departments to support their students. I’m really proud of how far Volunteers of SFU has come and I’m proud to see the legacy continue. I grew through this project. Before, I would have never have interacted with new people unless I had to. But the more you step out of your comfort zone, the easier it gets.

SFU Student
Gilbert Chan is a current Career Peer Educator with Career Services and also a “political junkie”.  He has voted in every federal, provincial, and municipal elections since he was 18.  He believes everyone should exercise their right to vote regardless of who they support.  In his spare time, he enjoys catching up on current events, volunteering for various SFU events and community outreach, and meeting new people.
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Nov 6, 2017