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"The research engagement course (PSYC 393) I completed with Dr. Ryan Fitzgerald this past summer has fostered personal growth by providing me with excellent learning opportunities and experiences. I was provided with opportunities to work independently and take initiative, which increased my confidence in my capabilities as a researcher. I worked with Dr. Fitzgerald and his PhD student, Stefana Juncu, to design a new study on prospective person memory and imposter identification. Working on this project allowed me to build upon what I learned during my honours thesis, significantly improving my understanding of the processes involved in research, data analysis, and academia. I also gained a more in-depth understanding of prospective person memory and imposter identification. In addition, we discussed publishing my honours thesis and the extra data analyses that need to be done in order to submit for publication. Completing the research engagement course equipped me with valuable and practical knowledge that will greatly benefit me in the future!"

- Camryn Yuen (@camyuen), Psychology Honours Major who recently finished her final term at SFU this past summer.

This post was originally on the SFU Psychology Instagram