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SFU Student
Position Title

I’m involved with Cooking Workshops as an SFU Health Peer and we hold workshops on a weekly basis to create healthy recipes for international students and residents living on campus.

I started out as a participant of one of the workshops, and later I got the opportunity to be an administrator. Since people are living away from home, it’s easier to buy fast food; that is why it’s important we teach them the benefits of healthy eating and how it can even be cheaper than buying prepared food. I wasn’t good at cooking at first, but I learnt a lot by finding recipes and putting them together. As someone who doesn’t cook that often, I know that if someone like me can do it, then the participants can do it.

I have really enjoyed working with my team, we had to work together to come up with recipes, coordinate amongst each other, and ensure that the recipes were considered healthy. I also loved working with a really diverse group of students.