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Story Faculty

I graduated last year with a Bachelor of Science Physics and Math and volunteered at the All in One Fair and student co-op for 4 years.

When I joined Career and Volunteer Services I wanted to improve my resume so I talked to a lot of professionals and got to know how to prepare for graduation which eventually led to me meeting more people and making new friends.

While volunteering for the  SFU TA (Taiwanese Association) I became a director for inventory management. One time I was a media director and maintained the SFU TA Facebook page.

I advise you to into a club and to get know the people, it ends up being an easy way to good way to stay motivated and build a family of sorts on campus.

My goal when I started was to “Finish what I started” so feels good to me to be complimented by people we help as the SFU TA. I would say it is rewarding to volunteer on and off campus, and it is a good way to build human network, your resume and your communication skills.

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May 19, 2019