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An interview with Aslam Bulbulia

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“So to me, meaningful engagement means the transfer of power. Power can be the power to make decisions, power can be the power to distribute resources, the power to envision a future. If power is not transferred, engagement is not meaningful.”

Episode Description

In an era of declining voter turnout and the rise of divisive politics, engaging citizens in the matters that affect us all has never been more important. But what does meaningful engagement look like and what are the principles that drive it? In this episode we deconstruct community engagement with Aslam Bulbulia. 

Participants and Contributors
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Taylor McKinney is a graduate student and host of the Student Engage podcast. Taylor's longstanding interest in mediation, dialogue, and conflict resolution inspired her to spend her undergraduate degree pursuing opportunities to work and study in regions at various stages of conflict and reconciliation, including Myanmar, Kosovo, and the Yukon. Currently living and learning in Vancouver, she is now focused on facilitating dialogue with up and coming change makers to learn more about how one person can make a difference. Taylor is pursuing a Master's Degree in Public Policy at Simon Fraser University. 

Aslam Bulbulia

Since moving to Vancouver from Johannesburg last year Aslam Bulbulia has immersed himself in a multitude of civic and community engagement projects in the Lower Mainland. He is a RADIUS Fellow, a member of CityHive's 30Network and is currently leading community engagement initiatives at SFU's Centre for Comparative Muslim Studies. 

Aslam holds a BA in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Witwatersrand and is working towards a Master's Degree in Development Planning. Aslam also recently completed the Certificate in Dialogue and Civic Engagement at Simon Fraser University. 

His community engagement projects include founding a Muslim Urbanists network in Johannesburg; co-producing a Palestinian-solidarity album; a traditional art workshop that explores Arabic Calligraphy and Islamic Geometric Design, and hosting a series of community conversations on what it means to be Muslim in the Lower Mainland. 

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