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Position Title

Initially I wanted to grow my social network because I’m already in my third year and I don’t have many social groups here. I was also hoping to gain more hands-on experience.

As TEDxSFU Ambassadors, we are allowed to go in to the talks and listen to the speakers tell their stories, which were so motivating and definitely my favorite part of the experience. Before the event, me and the team met up to assign roles, and just to get to know everyone. On the day of the event, we came in two hours early to help with the set up. We were also helping the guests and answering their questions. The challenging part was definitely being on my feet for the entire day. The event turned out to be a huge success because we were very well prepared.

I’ve noticed that, through volunteering at SFU, I’ve encountered people from so many different parts of the world, and I really enjoyed getting to know them. Before every semester, there are so many postings on MyExperience, and even in the SFU student groups on Facebook. I suggest first year students to do as much research as they can; take these opportunities to gain co-curricular experience and make friends. I think when you’re volunteering on campus, there’s not a lot to lose if you do something wrong, and you will learn so much. Next semester, I’ve signed up for the Student Ambassador program, and I’m also going to volunteer with International Student Services. I’m looking forward to what these new opportunities will take me.