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Welcome to the Spotlight! Here are the stories from SFU students, faculty, staff and alumni. They have shared their time with the OLC in order to provide insight into the best learning opportunities. These interviews and articles are related to success in co-ops, volunteering, international experiences and academics. The spotlight is the OLC’s way of showcasing the hard work and determination of the SFU Community. Do you want to be next in the spotlight? 

Dumbells, a tea kettle, eye mask
The Job Hunt: Self-Care

Looking for a great job can be taxing on your mind and body. Srijani Datta, shares tips on how to keep it together during a long and difficult job hunt.

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Come Witness the Annual Indigenous Success Stories Event

SFU First Nations Student Association (FNSA) invites you to come and witness this annual event. Indigenous storytellers will share their journeys of success, expressing the adversity and perseverance faced along the way. Don't miss this chance to engage in the SFU Indigenous community as well as those closely connected to SFU!

International Spotlight: Mexico

Work and live in Mexico, a popular tourist country, and experience the pleasant weather and great food. Visit museums, pyramids, beach resorts, and see the unique architecture.

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Explore the University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan (U of S) is the first choice for Aboriginal graduate students, due, in part to their commitment to cultural understanding and student success. They will be attending the mini BIG fair at SFU this year.

International Spotlight: Germany!

Work and live in Germany, where fresh baked goods and sausages wake you up in the morning, new and exciting experiences await you and monuments filled with centuries of history beam down at you as you make your way to work.

International Spotlight: Japan!

Working in Japan provides great experiences for students wishing to venture abroad. Enjoy the beautiful sights, incredible food, and the chance to work in an exciting new locale!

International Spotlight: France

The old world charm that France preserves with its monumental wonders, along with the sophisticated modernity that attracts tourists from all over the world, serves as a cultural experience not to be missed. Wake up to smell the fresh baked baguettes and experience the exquisite French lifestyle. Work, travel and indulge in a culture that is so rich with heritage! 

Chris sits behind a microphone, looking left.
Alumni Profile: Chris Lo on being a Career Peer Educator

In this Q&A, former Career Peer Chris shares his positive experience with the program.

Indonesian pagoda surrounded by a lake and a boat floating in front
International Spotlight: Indonesia

Looking for an international destination for your next co-op work term? Want to work in a thriving country, full of new prospects and opportunities? Indonesia is a new hub for job opportunities, with a mix of rich flora and fauna and a flourishing metropolitan centre. It is the destination for food and nature lovers, being a country rich in culture and tropical attractions.

Mix and Match your International Adventure!

With a little creativity and some careful planning, you can stack and simultaneously complete your international activities to accomplish one long international adventure. For example, you can combine an international academic exchange with an international Co-op work term.

International Spotlight: India!

With a splash of colors embedded in a fervent and deep culture, where history seems to have no beginning and end, India nurtures her inhabitants. Tradition of tolerance and the togetherness/fusion seen in the family and racial harmony, add to the vitality and variety of Indian life and fundamental values inspire each generation. Read on to set the wheels in motion for your international experience in India!

International Spotlight: China!

Not only does China have a fantastic reputation for employing many Simon Fraser University co-op students each year, this global giant has a culture steeped in superstition and lore.

International Spotlight: Australia!

Whisk your imagination off to the world’s smallest continent and the sixth largest land mass on Earth. Not to mention a great place to do a Co-op semester. Meet: Australia!

International Spotlight: Switzerland!

While Switzerland is a great place to travel and eat, its more than just a land of cheese, chocolates, and msli! Its also a great place to work and study, allowing students gain experiences of a lifetime!

International Spotlight: Hallo en Welkom in Nederland!

Famous for its windmills, clogs, bicycles, tulips and liberal policies, the Netherlands is a fantastic destination for students to gain work experience in one of the leading European economies!

International Spotlight: France!

Enrich your life experiences while working on an international Co-op placement. Learn life-long skills that French culture offers which can be transferred into the Canadian work environment and education.

International Spotlight: Mexico!

México is a popular travel spot due to its lovely beaches and vibrant culture. It’s also an amazing destination for Co-op! Read all about it in this segment of the International Spotlight series!

United Kingdom
International Spotlight: United Kingdom!

Meet: The United Kingdom! A popular destination for travel, and in fact, for an International Co-op Experience of a lifetime. Find out why working in the UK has SFU students raving!

International Spotlight: Greece!

Greece is considered the Mother of western civilization as well as the birthplace of the Olympic Games, philosophy, democracy and delicious food. It's also a great place to work!

International Spotlight: California

Sunny California is not only one of the favorite tourist destinations but also a state with a variety of opportunities.

International Spotlight: Korea

Bordered by China, Russia, and separated from Japan by the Korea Strait, Korea makes for a strong international hub of Asia.

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