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Building a portfolio can be difficult - especially if you've had little to no experience, or are in your first-year. In this series, Melissa discusses the basics of a portfolio, what to include and how to promote yourself, to help you in your career exploration.

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Nov 4, 2011
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Why Portfolio? Inside a Portfolio Workshop
Portfolio 101 Series

Many students struggle to figure out the best way to put a portfolio together. They commonly ask: “Which projects do I put in a portfolio?” or “I don’t know how to do HTML or CSS, how can I make an online portfolio?”

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What To Put In An Online Portfolio
Portfolio 101 Series

An online portfolio is a visual representation of your abilities, personality and style. Why not show what you can do instead of talking about it? In fact, some employers go directly to a student’s portfolio first before even glancing at their resume. Even if having a portfolio isn’t a requirement in your current field of study, it will definitely help make you stand out.

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4 Tips on Showcasing Projects in Interviews
Portfolio 101 Series

Why talk about your work when you can show it?  Good portfolio pieces will help set you apart from other candidates. Here are some important tips from Co-op students, coordinators and employers on showcasing your portfolio during interviews.

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5 Tips for Online Portfolios: Employer’s Perspective
Portfolio 101 Series

Portfolio tips straight from the employers, they share with us what they look for in online portfolios and how they decide who they’re bringing in for interviews.