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SFU Co-op Student
Fire in the forest

Meet Adam Brayford, a Communication major and previous OLC writer! For his third co-op term, Adam has traveled into the BC Kootenays to work for the BC Forest Service as a Wildfire Information Officer. A city boy at heart, Adam has certainly felt the culture shock of moving from the hustle and bustle of Metro Vancouver and over to the lush nature of Castlegar. However, he tells us that he’s loving the different lifestyle and beautiful atmosphere. Although his position mostly consists of communication with BC’s media outlets regarding wildfire updates, Adam also elected to experience a week of firefighter boot camp! When asked as to why he signed up, Adam stated that “You only live once!” Read on to learn more about his first week’s adventures.

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Dec 17, 2010
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Memories of Boot Camp

When Adam accepted the position of Fire Information Officer for the BC Forest Service, he knew that the job might entail long hours, a steep learning curve and a major lifestyle adjustment. What he did not know was that the whole experience would set off with a week at firefighter boot camp. Read Adams story about surviving bootcamp. 

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Called Back from Vacation

Interviewing frequently with TV, radio and print news media, seeing the province’s most beautiful locations by plane or helicopter, taking part in a job where the stakes are high and the responsibility is great: Highlights of the BC Forest Service Co-op experience. Check out a day in the life of a Fire Information Officer.

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Why You Must Apply

While life in Kootenays may bear the reputation of being laid back, Co-op student Adam Brayford finds that within the realm of emergency communications, the province's warmer region is abuzz with activity.