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Simon Fraser University
PhD Candidate
Position Title

My name is Sneha, and I am a Ph.D. candidate in Dr. Angela Brooks-Wilson's lab. My journey at Simon Fraser University started in the fall of 2017. I started as a master's student in BPK; my fascination with lymphoid cancer complexity led me to transition into a Ph.D. program. Here at SFU, I work on disease-gene detection in lymphoid cancer families at Brooks-Wilsons lab.

What you do?
My Ph.D. work aims to identify susceptibility genes in families affected with lymphoid cancers (begins in the immune cells), including lymphoma, leukemia, and myeloma, using next generation sequencing methods. I am developing a novel method that can prioritize variants and genes by combining large and small lymphoid cancer families as pre-existing methods fail to gain insights from small families.

Any advice you would give to starting graduates?
Keep your eyes and mind open to new experiences. Always remember that it is better to try, fail and learn from it than to have never tried at all.

What is your favourite quarantine snack?
Roasted seaweed snack.

This post was originally posted to the SFU BPK Instagram on February 2, 2021.