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I had a good mentor in my first year, they were really helpful with the transition, especially for things like picking my courses etc. Their good example made me want to help make the transition smoother for others and now that I am helping, it makes me want to continue.

As an exec and running the program. It’s great for first years and we know this because a lot of mentees come back and become mentors. I saw one of my mentees come back to be a mentor this year and I thought wow “I must’ve helped her for her to want to continue”.

We help students learn what it means to be an SFU student and become more confident in bigger classes, which can be daunting. I like to think we’re really helping, and that makes the experience so rewarding. Seeing the impact on people, when they come back and thank you for what you did, it makes the community better; it makes you feel more connected to the program.

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May 17, 2016