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SFU Alumnus
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"I studied Psychology because I wanted to take over my parents’ business one day (Relationship Lifeline, an intensive personal development course) or run a business of my own that would also help people. I figured if I could understand how people work, think and make decisions, then I could understand how to do business with them. I had no idea I would use it in the very meaningful way that I do in my current role as the President and Co-Founder of Whole Way House Society.

I have so many favourite courses from my time at SFU. Developmental Psych was so helpful in understanding our wounding and how that can impact us all the way into adulthood and how we make decisions. Psychopharmacology with Brian Johnson was super interesting, especially learning about the relationship between drugs, the brain, law and history. But, ironically, my favourite course was Adulthood and Aging (and now I just happen to work with seniors and end of life care).

In terms of advice I wish I knew when I was a student, I would say: Enjoy it. Take it in. Learn to learn. I thought I was studying to make the grade, but it turns out I was studying to prepare me to help change lives. There is so much that I’ve never forgotten. My education has not just been about the piece of paper I was handed on a stage, it’s been about the knowledge and the tools I was given to give me the confidence to know that I could start an organization that would truly make a difference in our city."

Jenny Konkin, BA Psychology '08 and currently President and Co-Founder of Whole Way House Society since 2013. She has previously held positions at Relationship Lifeline, Avalon Hotel (DTES SRO), California Women's Conference, and for Earls Restaurants.

This post was originally posted on the SFU Psychology Instagram on April 14, 2021.