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SFU Rec… it’s for everyone! Most SFU students, staff and faculty receive a Membership and are our most frequent visitors, however we welcome all. Whether you are beginning or advanced, prefer organized or drop-in, or like individual, team, or group activities, SFU Rec has something for you.

Our Healthy at Home initiative provides opportunities to help you maintain an active lifestyle at home, including virtual classes, pre-recorded workout videos, and blogs! Explore some of our blogs related to well-being, such as fitness, recreational activities, sleep and more. All of the blog posts are written by SFU Recreation staff to help you learn more about starting and maintaining an active lifestyle. 

Learn more by visiting the SFU Rec Website.

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Discover more about maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.


OLC Logo

OLC Admin

Co-operative Education
Simon Fraser University
SFU OLC Administrator

In This Series:

A cartoon image of a woman doing a sit-up in a living room
7 Ways to Add Fitness to Your Routine
Part 1 Healthy at Home Series

Are you trying to put wellness into your routine and not quite sure where it fits? This article by SFU Recreation tells you some tips and tricks on finding ways to get started

A single runner on between a tree-lined road.
How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: 4 Tips to Get You Started with Running
Part 2 Healthy at Home Series

Running is great for your cardiovascular health, but it's not easy to get motivated if you're new to the sport. Read Rachel's post on SFU Rec to find some tips on how to build motivation before putting on the running shoes. 

A person laying on the couch sleeping.
How to Nap for University Students
Part 3 Healthy at Home Series

Sometimes a well-timed nap can mean the world to a tired student. Read on to see the ins and outs of napping at SFU and what's your best bet at at-school slumber.

Two girls kicking around a soccer ball on a soccer field.
Reasons Why You Should Join the SFU Recreation Promotions Team
Part 4 Healthy at Home Series

Helping out the SFU Recreation team can come in many different forms! Read as Aleisha, a Promotions Assistant at SFU Rec, tells us about her role and why Promotions is a great team to partner with.

An illustration depicting many people exercising in a park.
The 5 Components of Fitness
Part 5 Healthy at Home Series

Keeping a well-rounded fitness approach is important for overall physical health. Focusing on the 5 components of fitness can help with this.

A person in a wetsuit surfing a wave.
Ways to Stay Active in the Summer: Water Sports Edition
Part 6 Healthy at Home Series

With an abundance of beaches and lakes on the West Coast, there are lots of different activities that you can do outside while staying cool. Here are some of our recommendations for ways to stay active in the summer, water sports edition:

A woman in a gym standing in front of a weight rack.
ABC's of Setting up a Home Gym
Part 7 Healthy at Home Series

Want to start doing home workouts? Check out SFU Recreation's blog on tips for setting up your workout space and how to get started.

A picture of a canyon and a lake.
Ways to Stay Active in the Summer: Hiking Edition
Part 8 Healthy at Home Series

BC offers so many amazing hiking opportunities whether it is a 1-day hike or a weeklong backpacking trip. Learn more about what you need to prepare for your next hike.

Three people riding their bikes down a road.
Ways to Stay Active in the Summer: On Wheels Edition
Part 9 Healthy at Home Series

Looking for a new adventure on wheels? Read more for some local suggestions from SFU Recreation!

Eight people in a circle cheering.
Ways to Stay Active in the Summer: Team Sports Edition
Part 10 Healthy at Home Series

Team sports are a great way to have fun with friends, especially when the weather is nice during the summer. However, it isn't always easy to organize or find the people, space, and equipment. That's why we would like to help you out. With this blog we will discuss some of the different teams and drop-in leagues throughout the Lower Mainland that you can join!

A multitude of stepping machines in a gym.
7 Tips for Overcoming Your Fear of Going to the Gym
Part 11 Healthy at Home Series

They say starting is the hardest part, but how do you start? How do you overcome that initial fear and anxiety of the gym? Read SFU Recreation's blog to find out some tips to help get you motivated.