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When my friend Lindsay asked me to help her start this club with her, I could not refuse because I thought it was such a great and thoughtful idea. Starting a new club with a very small executive team of three people can be very difficult because we all have differing ideas of how we can make this club successful. That has definitely been a challenge but I am so passionate about the cause of this club that I work hard to overcome any of those challenges.

The Inner Leader is a mindful leadership club and we try to educate and empower students to become better leaders by developing their inner selves. We basically have a series of workshops where we try to encourage each other to become aware of who we are, where our values lie, and what we want for our lives. I have always been passionate about leadership and sharing my experience to try and help others (hence why I have also been a Welcome Leader for the past 2 years). However, we tend to ignore the fact that to be a good leader, you need not only to be aware of the people around you, but you also need to be aware of the type of leader you are, and that requires self-awareness and knowing your values.

We are surrounded by strangers, family and friends; everyone is trying to influence your thoughts and it is very easy to fall into that trap and lose sight of what’s important to you! We use different methods such as meditation and teaching sessions with industry experts with the intent of helping other students in their journey to self-discovery. I think this is so important, especially for university students who can easily lose track of what’s really important in life!

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Apr 17, 2019