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Story Faculty

When I began my journey as an internal pharmacy auditor at Pacific Pharmacy, I felt extremely nervous about the future directly ahead of me. I woke up the morning of my first day and made the conscious decision to dive head first into the uncertainty. I have never accepted change very well, so this brand new full-time job was daunting.

I drove to Pacific Pharmacy for my first shift starting on a Monday at 9:00am. When I walked in the door, the current co-op student was right there, standing inside to greet me. I was in for a week of training from him. To begin the day, he showed me how to accurately audit prescriptions. It took a while to catch on, but with each new prescription, it got easier. I was also taught how to take inventory of all the prescription medications that the pharmacy would order each morning, and where each medication would get stocked on the shelves. This, too, got easier as time went on throughout my work term.

Looking back at the skills I was able to obtain throughout my time at the pharmacy, I can safely say that I've developed into a completely new person than when I first began my co-op job. In the beginning, I found it difficult to communicate with my coworkers because I was struggling with a bit of social anxiety. This miscommunication caused mistakes to arise, and I eventually learned how important it is to make certain that everyone is on the same level of understanding in the workplace. By practicing communicating more each day, it began to feel more natural. Also, I created daily goals for the number of prescriptions I wished to audit for that certain day. If I was able to achieve the goal, it encouraged me to keep going. By doing this, I learned how to manage my time in an efficient manner.

Having this full-time job, 9:00am-5:30pm from Monday to Friday, has taught me how valuable it is to stay committed to your company. I realized how much the employer appreciates it when their staff is loyal and reliable. After realizing this importance, it made me want to keep coming back to work, whether I was having a bad day or not. I learned that perseverance is key and it will make you feel more satisfied in your life, knowing that you always tried your best despite the hardships. By spending so much time working at the pharmacy, I developed close relationships with my coworkers. They became like family to me with each passing week. Having the opportunity to build such strong connections with other human beings made me realize how much I thrive off giving and receiving love. Love makes me a better and happier person, and having people to share that with brought out the best in me on the job. Even when my time comes to an end at Pacific Pharmacy, I will always cherish and hold onto the friendships I was fortunate enough to make during my time there. Lastly, I was able to develop leadership skills in a variety of areas. I was assigned to set up the flu and covid-19 vaccinations equipment outside, including tents, tables, signs, and injection utilities. Also, I listened to requests from patients regarding vaccine appointment booking. Then, I would sign them up for a time-slot that worked best for their schedule. 

Everything I learned at Pacific Pharmacy has sculpted me into the person I am today. Looking back at the time I first walked in that door, I never would have thought I could come this far. Now, I feel prepared for when I decide to take that first step into my career for life. I will forever be grateful for the incredible transformation that co-op has allowed me to have.