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Aallyah Ha

SFU Student Undergraduate
Health Sciences
Co-operative Education

Position Title
Story Faculty

As an undergraduate student in Health Sciences, I have spent my post-secondary journey wondering what career I wanted to achieve. Back in high school, I had a goal to become a pharmacist. But since then, those ambitions have been blurred by self-doubt due to an uninspiring high school Co-op at my local pharmacy. Hence, when coming to SFU, I started seeking other health-related careers and subjects that could interest me. I always knew and had aspirations for working in the Healthcare field, but after three years of searching, I hadn’t found any subject that interested me as much as pharmaceuticals. 

Coming to my fourth year at SFU, I decided to apply to the SFU Co-op program and try my hand at searching for some new career experiences. My first term was unsuccessful until I found the opportunity to be a Pharmacy Assistant at London Drugs Pharmacy. Initially, I was apprehensive about applying. Was I qualified? Was I prepared? Was this the Co-op experience I was looking for? Did I want to try this again? Various questions and doubts were bouncing in my head, but in the end, I applied for the position thinking, what was there to lose?  

Coming to the end of my second work term at London Drugs Pharmacy, I am beyond fulfilled and reinspired to pursue my interest in the pharmaceutical field. From the first day to where I am now, the experience has been an ever-constant development and growth of my skills and knowledge and a drive to achieve an old high school dream. From practicing social skills in customer service, honing practical skills in the preparation of prescriptions and compounds, and expanding my knowledge in learning pharmaceutical terms, tools, and procedures, working as a pharmacy assistant has been an entirely meaningful and enlightening experience. 

As I continue my Co-op journey and studies at SFU, I will be reminded of this experience. Reminded of the time it took to get here, the highs and lows, and the lessons taught. For those still wandering, it is okay to be still searching for who you wish to be or achieve, to take the time to discover your goals or chase dreams. However long it takes, seize and explore all the opportunities; you will find what you are looking for.