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This advice comes from employers that have hired SFU students before so they are sharing their insights based on their recent experiences.

I’m preparing to present an interview workshop tomorrow 30 co-op students. So, of course, I’m procrastinating on Facebook. Thinking it might be a good idea to get some fresh perspectives from some of my Facebook friends who also happen to hire students, I post a status asking them for advice. Surprisingly, I get 19 immediate responses, mostly having to do with interview prepping. Their advice is so honest and helpful, I have to share it:

1. “Make sure to do research on the company before you get to the interview!”

– Angela Wilson, Communication Consultant, Fraser Health Authority

2. “Definitely practice is key and practice out loud, not in your head, it is just not the same. It is so perfect when you only think of the answer in your head. Practice will have the message flow out naturally.”

- Khairunnisa Ali, IT Co-op Instructor, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

3. “Lululemon a dress pant does not make.” In other words, dress appropriately (business attire) for your interview."

– Liz Hilliard, Campus Life Coordinator, UBC Okanagan

4. “Don't over-do it on the scents. Go easy on perfume, cologne and scented deodorant.”

- Allison Lambert Communication & Marketing Coordinator, Residence & Housing, SFU

5. “Confidence is key, and research and mock interviews build confidence.”

– Andrew Drinkwater, Coordinator, Recruitment, Retention, Advising, FCAT, SFU

6. “Ask references in advance for permission and prep them with JD's, and key things to focus on!”

– John Grant, Manager, Alumni Relations, SFU

7. "No slippery handshakes!” In other words, wipe off your hands before shaking hands.

– Candy Ho, Manager, SFU Student Life 

8. “Bring paper and a pen to jot notes when being asked a complicated question and ask for clarification if needed. It is OK to have a pause between question and answer.”

- Allison Lambert, Communication & Marketing Coordinator, Residence & Housing, SFU

9.  “Avoid going on long tangents. Get to the point and stop.”

– Andrew Drinkwater, Acting Manager, SIAT, SFU

10. And last but not least, don’t forget, “thank you emails to interviewers!”

– Liz Hilliard, Campus Life Coordinator, UBC Okanagan

This advice comes from employers that have hired SFU students before so they are sharing their insights based on their recent experiences. Many of them have chosen careers that involve helping students as well, so they have a vested interest in seeing you succeed as well. So, next time you have an interview to prepare for, remember these tips, as they'll set you apart and hopefully ahead of your fellow student competition!

SFU Co-op Coordinator
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Aug 26, 2012

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