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An interview with Kimmy Basra and Hisham Wewala
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“A lot of the students were Indo-Canadian, and a lot of the volunteers were as well. I think that it was really cool for the students to see people that looked like them in these mentorship roles that weren’t their teachers or their parents. I think it provided those kids with a positive role model.”

Episode Description

Making the connection between the classroom and the community, SFU’s Racing Readers program connects university and elementary school students to provide literacy and numeracy mentorship for students in grades two to five. Volunteers and program leads play an important role in providing a link to higher education and promoting a love of learning amongst the elementary school participants. In this episode of Student Engage, we discuss education, mentorship, and civic engagement with Racing Reader program volunteers Kimmy Basra and Hisham Wewala. 

Participants and Contributors
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Beyond the Podcast

  • Want to learn more about how you can get involved in SFU's Racing Readers program? Visit the Racing Readers homepage

  • Interested in getting involved with your community? Visit the SFU Surrey - TD Community Engagement to find an opportunity near you. 

  • Discover how your community is engaging the world by following the Student Engage podcast on SoundCloud. 

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May 13, 2019