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Leslie Mwandawiro

Leslie Mwandawiro

Beedie School of Business
Position Title

By far, UNICEF is the most amazing time that I’ve had in any of my volunteering experiences. At the time, I was the Sponsorship Director and my role was to find sponsorships and cash donations for our large events. These events occur at the end of the year, and it’s definitely a challenge because we’re basically asking organizations for money. I really had to think about how to convey the message, how to present myself, and how to portray the organization. With UNICEF SFU, there is a lot of planning that go behind the events. In other words, when we strategize it, the act of asking people for money is broken down into small different parts.

The most exciting experience at UNICEF SFU was the large event called Zero Hunger Gala. The event was targeted at raising the issue of food and security in Vancouver. I think the highlight of that night was me being the MC. I was terrified before because I was not chosen to be the MC. Initially, I thought “hell no,” but then I saw this as an opportunity for me to learn and be better. Looking back on that experience, it’s the coolest thing I could have done. Getting involved in campus is all about moving out of your comfort zone and doing new things! I really encourage students to get out there and try things that they are excited about to make their university experience worthwhile!