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I’m one of the Co-presidents of UNICEF SFU this year, and I was the president last year. We’re the largest humanitarian club on campus.

I make sure we have enough funding for all our events, and that our members are happy, interested, and feel they are doing something they are passionate about. One of the most memorable experiences I’ve had with UNICEF SFU is definitely the Zero Hunger Gala we created last year. When I joined the club four years ago, holding a large-scale event was one of my dreams, so hosting the Zero Hunger Gala was really memorable for me. However, planning such a large scale event takes a lot of effort.

One of the biggest struggles was managing our finances – at any given moment we had a couple thousand dollars coming in and out of our hands. In the end we had over 180 people attend the event. The most moving moment was when I gave the closing remarks; I was so excited to see so many people really care about the food and security issues we were trying to educate about. The most exciting part of that event was seeing people being passionate, and being interested in what we offer.

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Oct 24, 2019