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In high school, I was really involved in music. I used to do a lot of the performances and concerts at school and I really missed them. So, when I came to SFU, I was looking at some of the music clubs and I found Musician Impact Network Society (SFU MINS).

I am currently the Co-President of SFU MINS, and what we do is to recruit volunteer performers and musicians to perform at health care facilities. I picked this club because we can go outside and perform off campus for like senior homes or stroke recovery foundation.

The first performance I went to was just last year: I played the piano. Seeing the seniors that we performed for happy made me and the other performers happy and gave us all a deep sense of satisfaction. 

When I started at SFU, I was an executive for some of the clubs that I joined. But back then I was more independent executive and preferred to work alone.

With SFU MINS, because I am the co-president, I get to share the responsibilities and often push myself to voice my opinion more when making decisions.

Music has just been a really big part of my life and it made me really happy. I really hope my performance makes other people happy, so they can express their emotions as well.

SFU Student
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Jul 17, 2018