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Health Sciences
Logistics Director
Position Title
Story Faculty

When I started my undergrad, I was really focused on school and trying to get good grades, but I ended up finding that really draining. I was doing all the studying and all the homework, but it just wasn’t fulfilling enough. So I thought I should be more involved on campus and meet new people. That’s what motivated me to apply to be a part of the external team for UNICEF SFU. I’ve always loved working with children and gravitate towards programs that have to do with helping out children. It might sound super cheesy, but I genuinely think that they are our future leaders, so we need to try to help them out as much as possible. All children deserve the same rights and we should try help all kids regardless of who they are and where they come from.

As a logistics director, my main role is behind the scenes work, such as general planning and coordination of events, like finding speakers and venues. It can definitely be a lot of work and also, if you’re really passionate about something, it can get really frustrating if things don’t work out the way you want them to. On the flip-side, the work is so fulfilling that even though it’s a lot sometimes, doing it isn’t depressing. The key is time management and incorporating my volunteer work into my day to day schedule. I have also met some amazing people and made lifelong friends since I joined UNICEF SFU. Everyone is so supportive and so respectful of the next person and it’s honestly amazing how volunteering doesn’t just help and impact other people, but it can change your own life dramatically. There’s so much university can offer you and once you find that thing you love and you’re passionate about, it’s amazing!