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I’ve been in ALAS ALAS SFU (Association of Latin American Students)for two years now and I’ve been in the role of president for one year.

I feel ALAS is a very good club for socializing; it’s actually the way I met a lot of my good friends during my first year. We provide a friendly environment for making conversation, throwing parties and having fun.

Our most memorable event was a couple semesters back, when we had our clubs days and a lot of people showed up. We actually got to meet about 30 new Latino people, which was a record for our club! We ended up having a really big icebreaker a couple weeks afterwards. As Latin people, our culture is very warm and embracing, so whoever joins our club automatically becomes my friend. I’ve made friends that I think will last a life time through ALAS and I even met my girlfriend here. I love the concept of getting all the people you may not know together to talk, dance, and be themselves.

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Mar 9, 2018