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SFU Co-op Student

Daniel and his coworker in the clinic
By stepping outside of my comfort zone, I have been able to learn hands-on skills, gain a greater understanding of the health care system, and explore how an integrated medical clinic operates.

When I arrive at the Fleetwood Medical Centre each morning, I start the day by greeting all my co-workers and patients as they walk in. As a daily morning routine, it is my responsibility to ensure the successful start-up of the three essential systems: The Electrotherapy System, Digital Heating Pad, and the Jane Management System. On top of that, to ensure the smooth operation of the clinic, I must ensure several things are met. This includes clean beds, fully stocked ultrasound gel, and the preparation of all sanitization equipment. Once everything is in check, I am ready to proceed with the tasks of the day.

About TeamWell Health Fleetwood
the clinic set up

TeamWell Health Fleetwood is a multidisciplinary clinic that provides Chiropractic Therapy, Custom Orthotics, and Active Rehabilitation. Working alongside a family practice medical clinic and situated within the same building as LifeLabs and Medicine Shop Pharmacy, TeamWell Health is a part of a “one-stop-shop” where patients can receive comprehensive health care services. At TeamWell Health, we strive to promote the health of our patients by providing high quality, thorough, and innovative health care. TeamWell Health is owned by Dr. Eric Jang, who graduated from SFU Kinesiology, the Co-op Education Program, and Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. In addition, I work alongside Dr. Brenton Cheng, who also graduated from SFU Kinesiology, the Co-operative Education Program, and the University of Western States. There are currently three different clinic locations: Surrey, Burnaby, and Richmond. All three clinics are closely affiliated within a medical clinic as we believe that communicating with a patients’ medical doctor provides the best comprehensive care for recovery and wellness.

Jumping Out Of My Comfort Zone

“In any given moment, we have two options: to step forward into growth or step backwards into safety” -Abraham Maslow.  I always thought that there was nothing better than to follow a daily routine and to stick to my element. When I first started at TeamWell Health, I was nervous and uneasy about the new work environment. However, I began to engage and take the initiative and became more confident in my abilities.

Throughout the day, I would assist Dr. Eric Jang in treating patients. I would welcome the patients into the treatment rooms, make them feel comfortable, and occasionally continued treating the patient with electrotherapy, heat, and soft tissue therapy. Before starting treatment, I would always ask the patient where they are currently feeling sore and tense, knowing this is important because it allows me to target where to apply interferential current and heat, and where to emphasize soft tissue therapy. After treatment, I assist in inputting all the information I have received in SOAP notation on the patient’s electronic medical record. By stepping outside of my comfort zone, I have been able to learn hands-on skills, gain a greater understanding of the health care system, and explore how an integrated medical clinic operates.

Leaving An Impact

One of my most profound accomplishments at TeamWell Health Fleetwood was the implementation of the Active Health and Rehabilitation program. When I started at TeamWell Health, I wanted to leave my mark; I wanted to make a meaningful contribution and make something my own. When Dr. Eric Jang offered me the opportunity to direct the start of the Active Rehabilitation Program, I was thrilled. In the beginning, I oversaw promotion and advertising by word of mouth to existing patients. I then proceeded to apply for treatment coverage through ICBC. Currently, the outcome has surpassed my expectations. We have been so successful we have hired two Kinesiologists and have extended hours to accommodate the overwhelming inflow of patients. Another achievement I continue to be most proud of was assisting in the recovery of our patients. As a therapist assistant for the Chiropractor, it has been a rewarding and fulfilling role. As an assistant to the Kinesiologist, I had the chance to assist in functional screening assessments as well as demonstrating exercises and stretches to patients. The unique experiences and responsibilities I have been entrusted with, have made this Co-op experience rewarding and truly special.

Final Remarks

TeamWell Health Co-op placement has given me a broad insight into the health care field and has assisted me in managing my expectations for my future career goals. This Co-op has helped me understand the operations and logistics of running a clinic and has given me hands-on experience in physical therapies such as IFC therapy, soft tissue therapy, and insight into Chiropractic care and Active Rehabilitation. This Co-op experience has reaffirmed my passion for physiology and kinesiology. This work term has inspired me to work harder towards my goals.

I want to thank Dr. Eric Jang and Dr. Brenton Cheng for being a significant influence on my development at TeamWell Health. Additionally, I would like to thank Louis Chung and all the medical staff at Medisan Health. Thank you, Dr. Uppal, Dr. Lochub, and Dr. Sawhney, for always making work exciting and enjoyable.


Great. “In any given Moment We Have Two Options: to Step Forward into Growth or to Step Back into Safety. - Abraham H. Maslow.” Mr. Great Motivation,….

SFU Co-op Student
Stay connected with Daniel Salazar Giraldo on LinkedIn. Daniel's two biggest passions in life are staying active and helping others. Outside of school and work, he is a competitive CrossFit Athlete and an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys scenic hikes and spontaneous adventures.
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Mar 16, 2020

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