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An Interview with Heather Prost

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“After I heard the first survivor share her poem, I went up to her and said 'I believe you'. I said it again and then asked the audience to say it back. I think that's a really powerful statement especially in the setting we created. So often survivors are not sharing their stories and it is often because they have a fear of not being believed.”

Episode Description

Over the past year, we have undergone a truly monumental shift in the way people talk about sexual violence. High profile sexual assault and harassment cases and the outpouring of responses to the #metoo movement, have unleashed a tsunami of stories, in newspapers, on social media, and in private conversations between friends. In its wake, #metoo has created a greater need for survivors of sexualized violence to have the space to tell their stories on their own terms.  In this episode we discuss creating space with ARThrive co-founder, Heather Prost.

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Feb 1, 2018