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Qi (Shirley) Wang

SFU Student Undergraduate
Health Sciences
Co-operative Education

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This month marks my one-year milestone as a clinical office assistant and cold laser therapist at DesLauriers Chiropractic Group in White Rock. The unique opportunity has offered me a firsthand glimpse into the dynamic association of healthcare administration and therapeutic intervention.

One of the most meaningful aspects of my role as a clinical office assistant was the invaluable exposure to the administrative intricacies of a healthcare setting. This experience enhanced my organizational and multitasking skills and gave me a comprehensive understanding of the behind-the-scenes operations contributing to efficient patient care. From managing appointments to coordinating efficient and accurate communication between health professionals, every task illuminated the interconnectedness of healthcare administration and its pivotal role in ensuring seamless patient experiences.

The dual role of a cold laser therapist, on the other hand, allowed me to engage directly with patients on a therapeutic level. This hands-on experience deepened my appreciation for the human side of healthcare. Witnessing the positive impact of cold laser therapy on patients' pain, range of motion, and enhanced well-being by applying theoretical and practical knowledge into actions. 

Moreover, the daily interactions with patients illuminated the importance of effective communication and empathy in healthcare. As a health science student, although these soft skills are discussed during classes, experiencing their real-world application has been invaluable.

As I look back on this year, I carry forward not only enhanced skills and knowledge but also the courage to endeavor for something unexplored in the future.