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Submitted by OLC Admin on 22 March 2022

Career Conversations is back with a special edition episode all about if, when, where, and how to disclose your disability.

Featuring Relationship Manager Karen Kelsey from Lime Connect, a non-profit that is leading companies to understand and value the talents and strengths of employees with disabilities. Karen talks about how to handle what can be a sensitive, personal and often stigmatized subject with ease.

1:00: One of the most common concerns students with disabilities have when they are beginning their job search is whether or not they should disclose their disability or need for an accommodation. Do you have some advice that would help them make that decision?

2:50: When do you think is the best time to share information about someone’s disability or to request an accommodation?

5:49: Do you have any recommendations for how a person might disclose their disability or make an accommodation request?

8:43: What resources can students explore at Lime Connect?

Originally published on the SFU Career and Volunteer Services Youtube on November 9th, 2021. 

Participants and Contributors
Relationship Manager

Karen Kelsey is the Relationship Manager at Lime Connect, a non-profit organization that connects university students and professionals with different types of disabilities for scholarships, careers, and other initiatives.