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OLC Editor

Submitted by OLC Editor on 14 July 2021

This week on Career Conversations we spoke to Doug Hamilton-Evans, the communications manager at SFU public square. For over a decade, Doug has worked in various fields of communications in support of community engagement. He's crafted stories behind brand and design projects at Cause+Affect where he produced and promoted several editions of Vancouver’s famous PechaKucha Night, marketed podcasts and community events at CBC Vancouver and celebrated Indigenous language revitalization projects at the First Peoples' Cultural Council and the Endangered Languages Project.

Watch now to hear all of Doug's helpful insight on opportunities in community engagement!


What is SFU Public Square?
What opportunities does SFU Public Square have for university students?
What do you look for while hiring Co-op and Work-Study students?
What is going on with the Community Summit this year?
Advice for viewers/students?