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SFU Student

Change Lab is unlike anything else you’ll experience in your degree. You get to use your SIAT skills and apply them to real-world problems, and it’s just a lot of fun! You become very close with your group, and you leave feeling very accomplished with what you’ve done.

Change Lab made my degree richer. It allowed me to use my SIAT skills in ways that felt like I was making a tangible impact. Of all the entrepreneurship classes, it is unparalleled in terms of collaboration. Because it’s so intensive, you really get a chance to put your collaboration skills to the test and really gain valuable insight through working with people from other faculties and other perspectives. These are really valuable skills that you don’t really learn until much later, if at all. In Change Lab, you get to be part of this wonderful collaborative place where you’re working together and you have a lot of interdisciplinary people helping you achieve your goal.

After participating in Change Lab, I discovered the Charles Chang Certificate for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Luckily, all the Health Change Lab courses filled most of the certificates. So by that point, I was only 4 courses away from getting another certificate! I wanted to pursue the qualification because I get a little extra something out of it in addition to my SIAT degree. The Change Lab program set me on the course towards social entrepreneurship and learning how I can use that for my future career, which has so far led me to the Chang Institute. I now work for the Change Institute as Communications Champion, and I probably wouldn’t have found out about any of this until much later in my degree.