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SFU Student Undergraduate
Beedie School of Business

I am on an eight-month co-op at Appnovation Technologies as a Go-To-Market Opportunities Coordinator. This position is very cross-functional in that I work on tasks requested by various departments within the organization. My Go-To-Market team consists of three senior co-op students based in Toronto who started four months prior and three junior co-op students from Vancouver (myself included) who joined the team when the senior co-op students were halfway into their eight-month term. I chose to do a vlog because it gives me the freedom to express myself and showcase my fun times at the company. Developing a video is useful for my reflection and learning as it is essentially memories of my office life documented in a two-minute video. I am privileged to be able to have the option to go into the office or work from home and be able to have an enjoyable time with my colleagues.