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Health Sciences
SFU Student
Story Faculty

I think everyone should take a course like Change Lab. You learn such a different skill set in comparison to learning in a lecture or seminar setting. You learn to engage and problem solve in a different way. It’s not just about addressing health or a civic issues, but rather learning how to engage in a real-life scenario.

I loved coming out of it with a community and creating a network with interdisciplinary peers and mentors. I loved the project aspect of it and working with people outside my degree. Learning about design thinking and about business models completely transformed the way that I approached my career in health science. I know that design thinking and rapid prototyping are not things you get to learn outside of SIAT.

Most courses require you to write a paper, but you’re not able to test your idea. That’s why I found this application-based method to be useful. Not only can you ideate, but you can actually produce a prototype and test it. Those skills are so useful! I use those skills currently even after graduating. I would not be able to do things like developing an app, a website, and a blog with other friends without having learned those concepts.

So much has come out of that experience, it’s hard for me to express my gratitude for that course. This isn’t even about learning about Health Science, it’s really learning about how to be a self-starter.