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Co-operative Education
Actuarial Analyst
Where did you complete your work terms and where are you working now?

During my degree, I completed five co-op terms. At the end of my second year, I had my first co-op at PwC Beijing, where I worked as a Learning Technology Intern. Then, in my fourth year, I completed one term at Definity as an Actuarial Co-op and two terms at Moody’s Analytics as a Co-op Actuarial Programmer (remote). Currently, I am working at Definity as an Actuarial Analyst.

How did co-op help in your career journey?

Having co-op experience has helped me build connections between what I am studying in school and what I can do in the workplace. It has also allowed me to try different types of jobs and companies to determine my areas of interest.

What advice would you share with students considering the co-op program?

I highly recommend applying for the co-op program! The co-op program really helps bridge the gap between being a student and being an employee. I believe that utilizing the resources in the co-op office has greatly helped me identify and refine my career goals.