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I joined Volunteers of SFU as a one-time volunteer at their launch event. After, I was invited to stay for the rest of the summer. The project was so new that we didn’t really know what we were doing...we had to figure it out as we went.

I was able to help design and create the project from its early days. It’s valuable to me because I’ve seen how volunteers sometimes aren’t acknowledged, and that when students want to get involved, they only have access to impersonal job descriptions or websites that don't highlight personal experiences.

Every volunteer has something valuable to share. If I were to come back in a few years, I would want to see this project become as diverse as possible. Off-campus, on-campus, long-term, short-term, different faculties and ethnic backgrounds and life experiences. I hope it becomes a resource to help as diverse a student group as possible, because I’ve always wanted students to get out of the mindset that SFU is a commuter school.

They think that SFU doesn’t feel like a community, but even signing up for one event will make them realize that the community really is there. There are people at SFU who have a wide network of connections that can help your off-campus life and your career. Volunteering is an easy way to tap into that.

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Oct 24, 2018