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I’ve been a collective member with the SFSS Women's Centre for about three years now, and I volunteered for over a year before that. The Women’s Centre is a very inclusive space; it’s a really great community. A lot of people think it’s just for women, which isn’t true, it’s for all kinds of folks no matter how they identify.

It’s definitely an easy place to start with if you want to volunteer on a casual basis. One of the coolest experiences I’ve had there was in my first year as a collective member. I got to travel with a few others to Victoria, and we spent three or four days doing intensive consent training with University of Victoria’s Anti-Violence Project.

We met a whole bunch of amazing folks there that we’ve kept in contact with, and it was a really great opportunity to learn more about intersectional feminist issues and how to be a good advocate on your campus.

I’ve always been really interested in volunteering; I just want to give back. That mindset is continuing into my career as well, and I would love to work in a women’s centre or that kind of space. I think they’re really important for our communities.

SFU Student
Micaela Evans is a second year student working towards a double major in Communications and Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies. She is passionate about connecting with people and creating words with weight. When she’s not studying and writing papers, you can find her writing for her creative blog at, and tweeting under @MissMici13.
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Mar 2, 2018