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Writing a Blueprint for your University Career
Coulter and Luis in the Studio
Coulter discusses the Community he found after coming to SFU

Episode Description

Welcome back to the OLC Community Spotlight Podcast! In this episode, Luis and Chelsie interview Coulter, a Poli-Sci student entering his fifth year of studies as he recounts his experience in Australia along with how it was like finding community on campus after living on his own for the first time. 

Topics explored in this episode include:

  • Why Poli-Sci?

  • Volunteering in Australia

  • SFU French Cohorts Program

  • Moving out for the first time and living with roommates

  • SFU Fraternities & finding community on campus

  • Work in the service industry

Participants and Contributors
Luis Arce Diaz
OLC Content Creator

Luis Arce Diaz is a contributor and content creator for the OLC. He enjoys staying active and expressing his creativity in whatever way possible.

Chelsie Oan
OLC Editor

Chelsie is a recent graduate from SFU. She enjoys going out with her friends and has a degree in International Studies.

Coulter Noronha

Coulter is on his final year of studies as he looks to finish his Poli-Sci Degree. He enjoys travelling and meeting new people and is always willing to try new experiences.

Beyond the Podcast

Intro & Outro Music - "Jazzy Abstract Beat" by Coma-Media on Pixabay

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Jun 15, 2022

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