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Interviews for an international position can be unique.  The employer has the responsibility to not only determine if you are a right fit for their role and company, but also determine if you can easily transition to a new cultural environment.  The questions that they ask will likely go beyond those asked in a traditional interview to ensure that you would be a good candidate.  Visit the below categories to see a sample of international interview questions.  Please add your tips and comments on your international experiences, in addition to questions that you have been asked during an international interview.

Research a country in advance to prepare for your interviews:

International Living Conditions


Living conditions can vary from country to country. It will be important to a potential employer that you understand the living conditions under which you might be living and that you would be able to adapt to these new environments.

Have you been separated from your family or your loved ones for extended periods of time?

The employer is likely looking to determine your level of independence.

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Have you ever had to cope with loneliness?

The employer is curious to know how you will deal with the sense of loneliness that you are likely to experience while you are away, as well as the kinds of coping mechanisms you have used in the past.

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What kind of support will your family and friends provide while you are away?

The employer may be trying to ensure that you have discussed going abroad with family and friends and have their support so that you will be less likely to back out later on because of hesitations on your family or friends' behalf.

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What strategies will you utilize to cope with living in another country?

A potential employer would be interested to know how you would adapt to life in a new country and how you have prepared.

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Have you ever lived in situations where you have not had a lot of privacy? How important is privacy for you?

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How would you prepare yourself to live in a new country?

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While working internationally, how would you occupy your spare time?

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Why do you think you might like to live in the community in which our company is located?

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