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I want to let the readers know that they can always check out our website, Facebook, Instagram, and newsletter for more information about Career Peers and Career & Volunteer Services.

Do you need someone who will listen supportively to your concerns, answer your burning questions, and offer thorough feedback on your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile? You might like to know more about Career Peers at SFU.

Peer Programs at SFU are all about students supporting students as we build each other up through outreach, events, and education — with a team of like-minded individuals. We are writing from the desk of the Career Peers at SFU’s Career & Volunteer Services Department.

Our program, like so many, has gone through many changes with the onset of COVID-19. Recruiting and training, operations of the centre, and the services we offer are all online now. Sharon Gill, a fourth-year SFU psychology student who became a Career Peer this summer, shares her story with Haebin Pan, a fellow Career Peer, about this experience. 

How Would you Describe Your Experience as a Career Peer (CP)?

Sharon: As a CP, I found a great community that allowed me to create meaningful relationships with other students and staff members. I feel very fortunate to be in a supportive group where I feel a strong sense of belonging during this difficult time of social isolation. We have an amazing team!

What Services are Offered by CPs? What do SFU Students and Recent Alumni need to do if They Want to get Support From CPs?

Sharon: CPs get in-depth training from professional Career Educators so that we can advise on how to create and improve a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. We serve all SFU students and recent alumni. We can answer their questions and make referrals when needed. 

How can a Student Book an Appointment?

Sharon: They need to book an appointment by sending an email to; they can also message us on Facebook and Instagram. In the email, request an appointment with a CP or a specific CP you want to be matched with. See all our bios here, and note that we have extended hours to include evening options.

Would you Recommend SFU Students to Volunteer as a CP?

Sharon: Absolutely! You will find a great community after you become a CP. You will meet people from various faculties who will help you to widen your ideas, explore job areas, build skills, and gain more knowledge. This is also an awesome opportunity for people who are interested in gaining experience in areas such as advising, event planning, communication, curriculum development, and many more. You also get this wonderful opportunity to develop personally and professionally and learn all about work, careers, and life. The experiences that you will gain will be invaluable.

What Kind of Training did you Receive During the Summer Semester?

Sharon: We worked through a Canvas course and modules each week. We also had weekly practice sessions, role plays, and weekly Zoom meetings with all CPs and supervisors. The course offered training in job-related topics such as resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, career development theory, job searching on campus, online presence, informational interview, using SFU Mail calendar, business written communication, outreach events, event facilitation, marketing tools, and many more. There was a module on the art of conversation and building rapport with students, which I found very helpful for advising. I also liked learning how to manage Zoom effectively.

Could you Tell us About Events you Host or Co-host? 

Sharon: Yes! In October this year, SFU’s Career Peer Community collaborated with SFU Surrey - TD Community Engagement Centre to facilitate resume and cover letter workshops via Zoom! The workshops were in the style of a virtual café, with fun activities and Q&A sessions. If you would like to partner with us, fill out this webform.

Thanks for the wonderful interview! Do you have any final comments for the readers?

Sharon: My pleasure! I want to let the readers know that they can always check out our websiteFacebookInstagram, and newsletter for more information about Career Peers and Career & Volunteer Services. CPs are always ready to support you, so feel free to reach us when you need help!

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  • Click here to learn more about booking appointments with Career Peers.

  • Click here to learn more about being a Career Peer!

About the Author

Picture of Haebin

Haebin Pan

SFU Alumnus
Arts + Social Sciences › English
Haebin Pan is an SFU alumna with a major in English and a minor in learning and developmental disabilities. Her wonderful experiences at SFU have led her to volunteer for the school as a Career Peer, Public Square Peer Ambassador, and SFU Surrey - TD Community Engagement Centre Online Media Task Force Blogger. When Haebin is not working or volunteering, she loves to try new recipes, write in her journal, listen to recent podcast episodes, and go for a walk while listening to her favourite indie music playlists.
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