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Do not give up. If you truly want to accomplish something, follow the steps and apply yourself

First Nations, Inuit and Métis Canadians are employed in challenging and rewarding jobs throughout the military. The Canadian Forces celebrates the contributions of Aboriginal peoples and works with communities and leaders to increase awareness of what a military career has to offer.

Do they have a recruitment campaign for Indigenous applicants now?  If not are there certain times of year that they often do?

We recruit Aboriginal peoples year round. We do have a summer programs geared mostly for youths (Bold Eagle, Raven, Black Bear), a program for people who wish to know more about military career opportunities (Canadian Forces Aboriginal Entry Plan) and a program set up for post secondary education (Aboriginal Leadership Opportunities Year) We send out recruiters, usually in the early spring, to the villages, friendship centres, and communities across the province.  

What are some of the benefits to their businesses of recruiting Indigenous Applicants and/or having an employee base that includes Indigenous Employees? 

We, as a Canadian institution, are mandated to employ a work force that reflects Canadian Society. Due to this fact, we in the Canadian Forces have a diverse employment base, including many peoples from a variety of cultures; we are a true example of the Canadian population.  

What do they offer Indigenous Employees to attract them?

We offer a year long program at our university (Aboriginal Leadership Opportunities Year) and a program for people who wish to know more about military career opportunities (Canadian Forces Aboriginal Entry Plan), competitive pay, job security, the opportunity to travel, both domestically and internationally, the freedom to practice a traditional lifestyle and the sense of pride and accomplishment one gets from serving their country.    

What advise would they give Indigenous applicants applying to their companies to help them get recognized in the hiring process?

Do not give up. If you truly want to accomplish something, follow the steps and apply yourself.

How/Where do they post open positions when trying to attract Indigenous applicants?

For British Columbia, we have two recruitment centres. One located in New Westminster and another centre in Victoria. They can also apply online at

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