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SFU Co-op Studnet
Position Title
As an HR Assistant at Safe Software, Selina has had the opportunity to get hands-on experience in recruitment, which has involved screening and shortlisting applications, scheduling and conducting phone screens, and completing reference checks! She has also had the chance to plan and execute company-wide events, such as a wellness fair, a toiletry drive, and festivities for Canada Day, Halloween, and Christmas!
Experience Details
My team dressing up as “social butterflies” for Halloween
My team dressing up as “social butterflies” for Halloween
During my Experience
Day to Day

During my second semester at Safe Software, my tasks focused on recruitment activities. During the first few weeks, I was able to learn how to screen through Co-op student applications and shortlist candidates. Then, I moved onto conducting reference checks for full-time candidates and was able to
sit in on phone screens as well. After several sit-ins, I got the chance to conduct my own phone screens. Currently, I’ve had the chance schedule and conduct phone screens with candidates, and have been able to share my impressions with the hiring managers.

Outside of recruitment activities, I have been involved in hosting in-office events as well. One of my biggest projects this semester was spearheading a wellness fair for the company. This involved reaching out and cold calling companies to participate in the event. Afterwards, I planned the communications around the event, which included sending out a company-wide email and sending
messages in Slack regarding the fair. Furthermore, we were able to arrange a lunch-and-learn presentation about wellness in the workplace. The presentation was paired with a catered lunch to encourage attendance. Overall, the event was a success!

Other events and responsibilities that I have been involved in includes hosting a toiletry drive, planning and hosting seasonal and holiday festivities (Canada Day, Halloween, and Christmas), and assisting with administrative tasks, including data entry, onboarding duties, and scheduling meetings.

Learning and Adaptation

For recruitment activities, I was exposed to screening applications and learned how to recognize viable candidates. Additionally, I have learned how to maintain professionalism, all while being able to communicate clearly and represent the organization well. Furthermore, scheduling interviews with hiring managers and candidates has taught me an exceptional level of organization by being able to
communicate with all stakeholders and plan accordingly.

From planning in-office events, including our wellness fair and holiday activities, I have been able to work on my logistical planning skills, my communication skills, and some advertising as well! From planning an event from start to finish, I have gained confidence in being detail oriented. Additionally, being able to communicate with attendees, volunteers, and external stakeholders is extremely
important, and I have been able to “flex my muscles” towards working with many different people to bring success to an event.

Wrap Up

Overall, my 8-months at Safe Software has provided me with a great level of new skills and a great improvement on many as well. I have had the chance to work with many different departments who have really valued my work and appreciated my involvement with events and recruitment activities. From this experience, I am able to carry these skills forward to future opportunities, and I would definitely see myself maintaining a career in HR in the future. For instance, I believe my involvement in recruitment has really placed me in advantage for a future career in talent acquisition, and I believe that my interest in this field has been confirmed during my work term. Additionally, a career in HR involves some level of event-planning, so being able to spearhead several company-wide events has
provided me the chance to practice these hard and soft skills that are required for the role.